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How to help haulers

An idea on which is based the RAALTRANS company was brought twenty years ago by the people who sat down for years to the steering wheels of trucks as well as to the phones of forwarding companies and they beat their brains with the following questions in the same manner like their colleagues: How to make the system called transportation work better? How to acquire a hauler who would move goods anywhere in Europe as fast as possible? Where to obtain a convenient shipment to avoid returning an empty truck from Holland for example? Since they knew very well that hundreds of other haulers beat their brains in the same way they came upon a solution: Why hundreds or maybe thousands of people should deal with a problem which can be resolved by a certain team?

How it works

While previously the haulers and their customers had often to phone and to fax between each other many times to optimize all the transportation requirements today, after establishing the RAALTRANS company, they could send all the requirements and offers to a central office. It processed them and created an overview from which the haulers could choose such a solution that met them as well as possible. It was not so bad system but only expansion of the international computer network enabled to utilize the original idea of RAALTRANS. Using a phone all would be much simplier, however, using web all seem to be as a toy!

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Unique software

A quite unique computer programme had to be developed for the customers of the RAALTRANS company to utilize the contacts databank of shipments demanded and empty trucks offerred that were inserted by the other users as much as possible, and simultaneously also to insert their own offers. Excerpt for basic data, this programme offers also additional services, such as graphic milestone, advertising or announcements for the haulers. This software is intended not only for common use but also in emergency providing all needed data quickly and reliably. It can be utilized not only by transporting and forwarding companies but also by manufacturing plants and enterprises, and service providing companies. Programme installing and running are very easy and do not require high demands for hardware.

Ten thousands of offers daily, millions of questions annually

In the RAALTRANS databank, the customers will find 60 thousand offers for shipments and empty trucks daily. The central office obtains and processes 52 millions questions. These facts rate the RAALTRANS compamy among the most significant providers of transportation data. The main goal of the company for the next period is to fix the position of the number one databank on the Czech and Slovak markets and to enlarge rapidly number of foreign customers both within the EU and outside as well.

Nobody has any priority

RAALTRANS is a fair-minded system because both all its customers pay the same user’s fees and it does not differ whether its services are utilized by a small hauler company with the only truck or by a big forwarding company owning tens of vehicles. The offerred information is available for everybody at the same time. It depends only on the fact how fast the users will assess the data and how fast they will get on well with the partners offerred. In this case can be said basically: Who will come earlier, he/she will drive earlier!

Europe absorbed the RAALTRANS system

The RAALTRANS databank of transportation offers and requirements is an original solution of communication within transportation area that was introduced by the homonymous Czech company at the 90s of the last century. Within fifteen years of its existence, it gained trust of thousands of customers not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics where the exclusive representations were establihed but also in a range of other European countries. The only evidence available is that this scenario works perfectly and helps the haulers, and besides, it was taken over by many domestic and European companies. However, only one of them can show off the facts of being the first one and having the greatest experiences in administration and utilization of this databank.

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  • 25 years on the market with you
  • more than 16 000 customers
  • daily offers of 150,000 items
  • 53,000,000 queries a year
  • a simple solution to your problems

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