Are you looking for a cargo for your vehicle on the way?

Do you need quickly to offer a cargo or a free vehicle?

We are launching the "NEW" RAALTRANS mobile app for iOS
  • directly adapted application for iPhone and iPad – offering and searching simply from a mobile phone
  • download for FREE
  • ideal solution for you who are in the logistics business

New iOS app is compatible with our web app

There is no surcharge for a mobile app for iOS

With RAALTRANS, truck drivers, dispatchers and transport companies can quickly search for cargos for their vehicle. The application offers an intuitive interface that allows you to easily find the necessary information about cargo, including weight, dimensions, loading and unloading locations, and other necessary information.

The application emphasizes user-friendliness. Thanks to this, drivers can concentrate on their work and minimize empty routes.

  • the application offers you to enter your own transport offers and free vehicles
  • searching for offers and free vehicles from other users
  • displaying the route of the searched offer on Google maps
  • fast dialing of phone numbers
  • sending e-mails or SMS directly from the application
  • searching for other users with all details and contacts
  • clearer display of offers on cards
  • switching between light and dark mode
  • settings of offers content on cards